15 Minute Workout For A Busy Schedule

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We understand that peoples day to day lives already follow a routine, and this routine can seem to take up all the hours of the day and cannot have anything else added to it, especially going to the gym, a grooling effort that takes hours a day and is way to “time consuming” for you to fit into your schedule. Even if you are a person that works 80 hours a week, you CAN workout, you just need to utilize your time in the gym, every minute must count.

If you have said any of the following statements to yourself before, then this routine is absolutely for you.

“I don’t have time to go to the gym”

“I work way to hard to fit the gym into my busy schedule”

“I don’t have the time to workout properly”

But still in the back of your mind you want to become as big as possible and hit the gym while maintaining your busy work schedule. You can very easily fit a routine into your routine. You just need to learn how to be More Efficient in the Gym.

A basic start would be to totally scrap split routines, just do full body every time, split routine take much longer, because they tend to use more less effective exercises that don’t give you the muscle gain:time ratio other exercises do. You can very easily fit full body workouts into your busy schedule.

Let me give you an example.

lets say you work 12 hours a day Monday – Friday and Saturday you work 8 hours. That’s 68 hours a week. So you don’t have the free time that most people have. If you want to fit in quick workouts between your schedule, this is all you need, Some grip chalk and training shoes! This way, there will be no time wasted changing clothing for the gym, just go in your work clothes. If you wear a full suit, maybe bring some jogging bottoms if you feel you really need them and take off your jacket, a shirt and tie is fine!

But, where to fit the routine?

You could do quick routines on the way to work, at lunch, especially if you get an hour dinner break or on the way home from work. You should also join a gym near to or on the route to work, this will save time traveling. If there is a gym at work/college even better! even if you only have 15 minutes spare, you could complete an effective workout.

Here’s what you do.

Two sets of warm up dead lifts.

3 Working sets of 1 rep dead lifts at 80-90% of max (you can maybe do a 3-5 rep set for the last set). 2 minute rest between sets.

30 seconds rest

Weighted chin ups (use a belt or chain) no more than 5 reps.

30 second rest.

Strict Overhead/push press, no more than 5 reps.

30 second rest.

Weighted chin ups or reps to failure.

30 second rest.

Strict Overhead/push press.

Change your trainers, wash your hands and leave! That’s it, that will be an effective under 15 minute workout. The reason I missed out the bench and squats is because they waste a lot of time setting up equipment and warming up.

Now, you need to complete this workout 3/4/5 times a week. If you did this 15 minute workout on all the weekdays then save a Saturday, when you have more time for a high volume Bench/Squat day, spending around 45-60 minutes in the gym.


You really have no excuses when this is all it takes to become HUGE with a busy schedule.

Get in the gym and cut out the bull, make your time more efficient.

I manage to do it while working 80 hours a week, so can you!



3 thoughts on “15 Minute Workout For A Busy Schedule

  1. Sounds like its doable, but what if one is not familiar with your terms? Never having lifted, I would need to see a demo of each of these steps in the routine. IS this possible?

  2. in the gym I work, our weights are in kgz.. so, at what kg should I start the warm up and after warm up, how many kgz should I do the rest of the excercises?