Basic components required in nutrition plan for proper growth of a kid

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Nutrition plays an important role for a steady and proper growth for any child. It is important to have a proper nutrition chart according to the basic requirement. Intake of the components in proper proportion can make a kid healthy, strong and even open a path for happy future. Some of the basic components required for healthy diet are:


–     Carbohydrates and fats are an essential part required for growth. It provides energy and stamina for physical activities and growth. Fats and carbohydrates are important for a proper body growth. Foods such as milk products such as butter and other are full of carbohydrates.

–     Secondly proteins are required to maintain, repairs and builds the body tissues. Dairy products, fish, meat, egg poultry products are full of protein. Intake of such food products is important for a balanced growth. Milk has a high protein percentage and children’s should intake sufficient quantity. A minimum amount of protein should be consumed each day by any growing kid. Any child should have two servings of protein a day.

–     Calcium is the third most important ingredient for proper growth. It is required to make the bones and teeth strong. Milk and dairy products along with green leafy vegetables have high percentage of calcium content. It is important to make any child strong to avoid bone diseases and dental problems in the future. Green vegetables should be regularly consumed by the growing children at least one time a day.

–     Iron is required as it acts as a medium of oxygen carrier component to blood. Food products such as meat, fish, enriched bread, cereals and poultry products are the best possible source of iron. Regular consumption of such products reduces the chances of diseases caused due to iron deficiency such as anemia.

–     Vitamin A and vitamin C are also an important component in the nutrition plan for any growing kid. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamin supply to the body. It even protects from the harmful sun rays and provides a shield to protect from the rays. Even certain grains and cereals are also rich in vitamins.

–     Other than these components there are certain food products that should be consumed by a growing kid to have a healthy and strong body. Food products such as nuts, rice, yoghurt, dry beans, cheese, sweets and others. Every food product has its own importance that is important for growth.