Healthy and effective ways for handling erectile dysfunction problem

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is not able to maintain erection for a longer period of time so as to have a good sex. It is not an ageing problem. It should be dealt carefully so as to cope up with the problem. Some ways to handle the problem of erectile dysfunction have been discussed below that will help in having a satisfying sex life even after having erectile dysfunction.


–     Erectile dysfunction creates a negative impact on the emotions of a person. To avoid this matter should be discussed freely with the doctor. There may be many reasons that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Health issues like diabetes, neurological disease, high blood pressure and a lot more can lead to erectile dysfunction. So the matter should be properly discussed with the doctor and the problem that is causing the disease should be treated first. So in this situation proper medication and counselling is the foremost requirement.

–     Erectile dysfunction can be very well handled with a proper conversation with the partner. The partner should have a positive attitude and should express her feelings with proper discussion. This can help the man to handle the situation better.

–     The patient should be encouraged to stay healthy by maintaining proper regular exercise and following certain regimens. A good and healthy heart can always help in having good sex.

–     Habit of smoking causes erectile dysfunction. So to avoid the problem of erectile dysfunction the habit of smoking should be quitted. For accomplishing this chewing gum or nicotine patch is very well suited.

–     Erectile dysfunction is very well related with the problem of obesity and high cholesterol. So to have a good erectile function it is mandatory to maintain a healthy and fat free diet. The food should be free of saturated fat as well as cholesterol. The diet should include good quantity of green vegetables, fruits as well as proteins.

–     Alcohol is a depressant and it also causes interference to the ability of achieving a proper erection for having a good sex. Alcohol consumption should be avoided to have a healthy erection.

–    Erectile dysfunction is mostly caused due to stress and tension. It is very important to learn to reduce the stress level so as to enhance the erection and have a healthy and satisfied sex life.