Healthy tips for getting and maintaining a flawless skin

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Keeping skin healthy is not only about looking beautiful but is also about protecting the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, harmful pollution that surrounds us and keeping the inner self healthy so as to lead a stress free and beautiful life. In today’s busy life may be you have no time for pampering yourself but if certain routines followed regularly it can help in achieving a healthy and glowing skin. I have discussed a few skin health maintenance tips that will certainly so wonders for the skin.


–     The most important tip to keep the skin healthy is to take a proper and healthy diet. The diet should contain good quantity of green vegetables and fruits, the fluid intake should also be of sufficient quantity so as to flush out all the impurities from the skin.

–     Drinking enough water is the next most important thing that helps in getting a glowing skin.

–     Most of the major skin problem is caused to due to the harmful effect of the sun’s rays. Skin ageing, dark spot, tanning are some of the ill effects of the harmful UV rays of the sun. So before getting exposed to the sun rays it is very important to use a good quality sun screen lotion that will help in protecting the skin from the sun. If possible it is always suggested to use an umbrella while outside as it protects from the direct rays.

–     Make ups that are harsh to skin should be avoided. And proper removal of the makeup is very important as it can lead to rashes to the skin.

–     Smoking has a very ill effect on the skin. Smoking damages the fibres of the skin that helps in keeping the skin tight. So avoid smoking to get a healthy skin.

–    Consumption of alcohol is also responsible for causing harmful effect on the kin so it should be definitely avoided.

–     Maintaining a stress free life should be one of the utmost priorities. If a proper work routine is followed it helps in maintaining the work pressure this in turn helps in reducing the overall stress from the life.

–     Getting good sleep of at least six hours a day is mandatory for getting a glowing skin.

–    Regular exercise for at least half an hour will not only keep the skin healthy but will also help in staying fit.

–    The skin should be treated gently. Strong soaps should be avoided as it damages the skin balance.