How best nutrition helps in good health?

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Many people have become aware about the significance of best nutrition to ensure excellent health. Some people may be vegans while some may be vegetarians and there may be various reasons behind the same. Some reasons may also be because of ethical reasons that may be related to sustainability concerns, animal treatment and religious beliefs. There are opposing views about being purely vegetarian or vegan and completing nutritional requirements. Before embarking on a particular diet, it is important to seek advice from a nutritionist and find out if the dietary choices made by you have any negative impacts on the body. There are many ways through which a nutritionist can help you. Some of them are-


Medical Needs Assessment 

Even if a person is purely vegan or a vegetarian, a visit to the nutritionist can help in identifying other dietary requirements that needs to be fulfilled and required by a body. These requirements also depend on the medical needs of a person. For instance, if a person is suffering from diabetes, he may have to change his food choices when planning a vegan or vegetarian menu. Similarly, people suffering from high cholesterol problem also need to modify and change their food choices.


Detailed Food History

When visiting a nutritionist, he will take a detailed food history and accordingly recommend appropriate food choices. Taking this history help the nutritionist to understand the basic food preferences and dietary pattern of the client. It also offers necessary information about which foods to be consumed and which to be avoided. Depending on the food habits of a person, there may be certain nutrients that a person may require while some he must avoid at all costs. They will highlight those nutrients in which there are greater chances of the person becoming deficient in.


Nutritional Suggestions

The job of a nutritionist is also to make suggestions regarding changes in the diet in such a manner so as to ensure achieving sufficient risk nutrients intake. For example, it is seen that people who follow vegan or vegetarian diet are usually deficient in B12 and iron.


Pathology results also give an idea about nutrient deficiency. The situation can be changed by taking suitable nutritional supplements, but these should be taken as per doctors’ recommendations. Further, the progress of the changes in diet can be proved through pathology results examination. Taking a well-balanced diet is the best idea to stay healthy.