Tips for staying healthy during Menopause

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ache-19005_1920 (1)A stage in a woman’s life normally starting from the late forties or the early fifties the ovaries stop producing the hormones named progesterone and oestrogens. This period is known as menopause and this is the time when a woman looses the reproductive power. The menopause causes certain health changes in a woman’s life. I have discussed some tips that will help you to avoid or minimize certain troubles of menopause.

–    The most common problem that is faced by most of the women during menopause is the problem of hot flush and sweating. It is basically a feeling that causes the neck, face and other body parts to be flushed with heat. To avoid hot flash it is advisable to wear light cotton dress that will help the body to breath. Spicy foods containing oils and good quantity of spice should be avoided. Chocolates, alcohols should be avoided. Doctor can also be consulted for any multi vitamin tablets.

–    Problem in sleeping during the night time is another major problem faced during menopause. To get a good sleep it is advised to keep the room cool and to wear light dresses. Sleeping pill should always be avoided. Before going to sleep a hot bath can help in getting good sleep. Alcohol consumption and caffeine intake should also be avoided. Late meals should be avoided. A proper time schedule should be maintained for going to sleep as well as for getting up in the morning.

–    Anxiety and stress is another severe problem of menopause. To avoid anxiety practicing regular exercise is very beneficial. Meditation is another effective way that helps in reducing stress. Body massage also helps in getting relaxed feel for both the mind and the body. It also helps in proper functioning of the muscles. It is very important to stay hydrated. Proper intake of fluids and water helps in reducing the stress and also helps in reducing the toxic level of the body.

–    Headache is the next common problem that is normally being faced during menopause. To avoid headache, food that causes headache should be strictly avoided. Some of the food that causes headache includes caffeine contained food, chocolate, pickled food, artificial sweetener.

–    Fibrous food should be included in the diet that will help in improving the digestion problem that is caused during menopause. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, green vegetables contains a good quantity of fibre.