Tips to be followed by Marathoners

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There are many people all around the world who love participating in marathons. In order to enjoy this activity up to your heart’s content, it is best to follow certain tips.


The most important tip that needs to be considered is to ensure running at a perfect pace. Many people, in their enthusiasm, start at a fast pace and get tired easily. It is very common to see people hitting the wall and such people are seldom able to finish. There are many theories about the pace to be followed when participating in marathon. Having the idea of knowing about the elusive perfect pace can help a person fail or become successful in this activity.

Many marathon experts talk about 10×800 training workout. This method is used for the evaluation of overall fitness required for running long distances and for the determination of optimal pace for the marathon. This workout can help in discovering the capabilities of the marathoner. For instance, many people believe that they can run 3:45 marathon. After deciding the same, one is required to complete 800 meters in 3 minutes 45 seconds. After running 800 m, one need to rest for a while and run this distance nine more times for complete 10 cycles. This run-rest interval help in ensuring a measured pace.

Many people set up a goal to cover four hour marathon. In such a case, they must pace themselves at 4:00 for 800m with the rest period being 4 minutes. This formula can be repeated for other marathons. Thus, it is easy to set a pace for the marathon and increases the chances of success.

Instead of just guessing, it is best to set the right pace. If the marathoners are not able to complete the ten cycles of rest-run intervals, it needs the person to slowing down and keep on trying. After the completion of these ten cycles, if there is still some energy left, pick the pace next time by 10 seconds or so.

Until the person gets the best pace for the impending marathon, he must keep on experimenting. If the person is able to maintain consistency for all the intervals, you will be able to derive has marathon pace. This help the person build his confidence and encourage him to work better. This pace must be maintained continuously for at least two weeks before the marathon is due.

These tips can help the person succeed in marathon.